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Man Lifting Banner – We Will Not Rest CD


Man Lifting Banner – We Will Not Rest CD

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OK, for those of you, who have never heard of this name, I suggest you better stop reading and get the fuck out of my system. MLB has been THE euro commie-straight edge band! There´s no doubt about it. Numbers of bands tried to live up to the standards set by them. But numbers of bands have failed. This is the original dope shit! The CD compiles all of their material to give those a chance who weren´t quick enough to get a grasp on the now sold out vinyl versions. Heavily on the hi-speed tip, they came from the school of Lärm, DRI, Straight Ahead and their likes. More BPM than you could ever count! Lyrically they have shown us what´s up with Lenin, Trotzky and the rest of the pack. HC the way it was meant to be. Something for the stomach and the brain. Get this while you can!

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