Realm Of Torment – Those Who Don’t Fear Death Never Die CD


Realm Of Torment – Those Who Don’t Fear Death Never Die CD

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Second full album but third release for MMW Records. Southampton lads keeping themselves very busy. More mature sound and much more metalcore but still the same Realm Of Torment.

“Written over the entirety of 2018 we finally created the mix of sounds/styles we’ve always been seeking with our second album, & for the first time not rushed any part of the process. We sat back before writing & discussed what we want it to sound like / what we want to really do for once, which is evident. Songs came together in practice quite smoothly which allowed us to sit on them & make individual changes to parts & collectively discuss things to change. This is a new thing for us, as normally we’ll write something & just move on to what’s next. Listening back the first album recording was too clean & the EP was way too rough around the edges, but we’ve now found the perfect medium of a modern recording with old-school myspace grit.” – ROT

FFO: Metalcore, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive, This Is Colour



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