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Forward To Eden – The First Jihad: Liberation Of The Heart Tape


BBMA29 – Forward To Eden – The First Jihad: Liberation Of The Heart Tape


This is virtually a compilation tape of everything (and more) Forward To Eden have put out so far. But everything nicely re-mixed and mastered for your listening pleasure (don’t expect too much though :P).

Song 1-3 is the 2015 Demo CD-R. Song 4 – 5 is the FTE Side from the 2016 Split with Content With Dying. The OG Version of Song 5 though, without the Guest Vocals of Didier & Dimi (Primal Age).
Song 6 is a new, previoulsy unreleased one and Song 7 is the first promo track from 2014 (with Rat from Statement on Drums).

The Tape Release is limited to 100 copies. 75 on black tapes and 25 on red tapes. The black Tapes come with a huge (A4) foldout cover/layout which hold lyrics & explanations. The red Tapes come with a mini-zine/booklet which holds even more explanation/background info/storys/etc.
Furthermore all Tapes come with direct print and are handnumbered.

There will also be a CD Version by Mark My Words Records from the UK. Keep an eye out for that as well.

Until then:

Forward To Eden – 90’s Style Hardline (militant vegan) Metalcore from Germany.
FFO: Statement, Culture, Unborn & The Vegan Jihad!

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