Eco-Defense League – Join the Resistance // End the Ecocide Demo CS
Members of Bands like: Bring Our Demise, xEradicatex, The Cambodian Heat, …
FFO: xLAIRx, Green Rage, Slavearc, …

Also available from HEAL Records (US).

Eco-Defense League serves not only as a music project, but a educational gateway into the issues of environmental destruction and the radical environmental movements worldwide. These songs are reflective of the issues plaguing much of the world, causing harm to all life, be it resource extraction, pollution, or government repression. This project is non-profit, vegan, and advocates for total liberation and sustainable practices. It invites anyone to tell their region’s story in regards to environmental issues and campaigns. Please e-mail healrecsxvx@gmail for more information.

1st Press/50: Pro-dubbed tapes with self-printed labels and stuff, you know the deal!
Also comes with plenty of literature and a digital download card …because knowledge is power!

All proceeds digital/physical will be donated to eco-defense politcal prisoners, Earth First! Journal, and all others who have joined the fight to resist the destruction of our natural environment.

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