Co-Release with Life Lair Regret Records from Australia.
Death To Betrayers. XVX.

Test Press: None. 1st Press has 5 Clear (Band/Label Version) though.
2nd Press has 4 Transition (Clear/Black Swirl – Band/Label Version) and 5 Missprints (w/ Missprint Cover), where the labels are misplaced. All of these come handnumbered and marked as such.

First Press: /150 – Black/98 & Lilac/52. All handnumbered and with stamped labels.
LLR also did their own pre-order sleeve (xClearx Rip-Off)/25.

Second Press: Alternate Artwork/150 – BlackGoldflitter/88 (24 w/ Christmas/Pre-Order sleeve) & ClearGoldflitter/60.
LLR also did their own pre-order sleeve (Path Of Resistance Rip-Off)/25.

xLAIRx, from Australia. 2015 – 2016 R.I.P.
XVX 90’s Style Hardcore in the vein of bands like: Path Of Resistance, Earth Crisis, Shockwave, Culture, …

Recorded by Daniel Kent of Sick Machine
Mixed and mastered by Jacob of Clockwork Mastering
Additional vocals on True Justice courtesy of Brett Eitzen of Outright