For those who resist and don’t give up. For those who fight, for those who will fight.
For those who are fallen, for those who will fall. Ivan. Emanuela. Luca. Marco. Katto.

First Press: 45 Black Tapes & 15 w/ Green Spray Paint on them (Pre-Order Versions w/ diff color artwork).
Comes with an A4 foldout that holds explanations about the band and the lyrics and has a poster on the back.

To Ashes, from Bologna, Italy. 2014 – 2016 R.I.P.
XVX 90’s Style Hardcore in the vein of bands like: Purification, Green Rage, Gather…. Your soundtrack to de-mosh the state!

Recorded at Toxic Basement Studio by Carlo in a few days in August 2014.
Cover art by Thomas from xIronx.


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